Klinika Pod Tężniami


According to the proverb “Via the stomach to the heart” we put very great emphasis on the quality of provided catering services. Our cooks are well-equipped with the brand-new devices and kitchen facilities so as to fulfil our Guests’ wishes.
As one usually “eats with eyes“ we took care of the appearance of dining room. Our restaurant is an air-conditioned, elegant and spacious room. All the meals are served in the form of buffet lunch according to the daily menu and recommended diet:

  • breakfast, dinner, supper in the form of buffet lunch with cold and hot dishes in the broad assortment (at least 15 dishes).
  • basic and light diet (there is possibility of establishing low-caloric, vegetarian, diabetic, gastric, hepatic and allergic diets with a nutritionist). Light meals are served in a separable room, intentionally detached part of the dining room.
  • dinners from behind the daily menu according to an offer and prize list included in the restaurant card

Our buffet lunch consists of regional, Old Polish dishes and dishes from all around the world. We serve dishes from Jewish, Turkish, German, Greek, Bulgarian and even Chinese cuisine. During meals You can relax listening to calm music while friendly and professional staff will make every meal special.
We also organize various parties – banquet meetings, birthday parties, communion parties and jubilee parties.
Daily menu includes the wide range of cold and hot meals. Among the hot meals the special attention should be given to beef roulades, turkey roulades, chicken with plump, Parisian chicken, poultry crisped cake, while among cold dishes the most delicious are poultry galantine, poultry-pork roulade with mushroom in jelly, Jewish fish, cream puffs, fish nests, banquet salad.
Home-made bread and rolls are added to every meal. We serve cakes baked by our confectioners and the broad variety of fruit for desert.
The Guests on diet are surrounded with our special care. Light meals are served in the separate restaurant room in our nutritionists’ presence. Moreover, our Guests can negotiate low-caloric, vegetarian, diabetic, gastric, hepatic or allergic diet with a nutritionist.
Among light meals the most popular are:
omelettes with the addition of fruit or vegetables, which are prepared in the restaurant room in our Guests’ presence.
grilled fish prepared in many ways, grilled in our Guests’ presence.

  • dumplings filled with lentil, staffed aubergine, or poultry steaks with vegetables.
  • Main dishes are varied with the rich staffed vegetables such as chicory, aubergine, marrow and salads made of fresh vegetables. Moreover, we serve as well: ham on melon, asparagus in ham, ham with pineapple etc.
  • "Pod Tezniami" Restaurant invites everyday: for breakfast from 7:45 AM to 10:10 AM, dinner from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, and supper from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

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