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Ciechocinek is situated in the centre of Poland on the left bank of Vistula river, between Torun and Wloclawek. The history of the local saline springs has a source authentication dated from
XIII century when prince Konrad I Mazowiecki rented the salt-works to Teutonic Order.
The local outcropping saline bed in the modern period received higher rank only after the first Poland’s partition, after which salt mines in Bochnia and Wieliczka started to be controlled by the Austrians. We owe the project aiming at using the saline resources of Slonsk and Ciechocinek to Stanislaw Staszic and Konstanty Wolicki’s activity. In 1830 there was salt-works in S³oñsk and two primary saline grounded towers built in the years
1824-1833, the third one came into being in 1859.
The History of Ciechocinek as health resort started in 1836, when in the local wayside inn there were four therapeutic bathtubs installed. 120 people used saline baths in that time. This gave rise to Zak³ad Zdrojowy. And soon after, there was built the side track to Warszawa – Bydgoszcz railway, flood-control dykes and water-supply, numerous parks and squares were set. Ciechocinek has been world-famous health resort for more than 170 years. Chlorine, sodium, iodine and bromine saline sources, and alkali and salts produced out of them have the therapeutic use in medical treatments. In 1916 Ciechocinek got municipal rights.
During the interwar period, destroyed by war therapeutic devices were rebuilt, new post office and school were established, numerous new guest-houses were constructed, as well as the Country Manor. In that time, there was Park Zdrowia (Health Park) built between saline graduation towers including thermo-saline pool, Jordan Garden and sports field.
During World War II Ciechocinek renamed Hermannsbad. The town also played the function of health resort but for its citizens exclusively.
In 1950 the yearlong therapeutic treatment was started in the town. Many new trade health resorts were established in that year. Ciechocinek effectively attracts health resort visitors and holiday makers with its therapeutic virtues, picturesque surrounding, greenery and unique charm.
The biggest attractions in Ciechocinek are saline graduation towers built in XIX century. These three constructions of impressive size (the total length equals 1741m, height 16m) are made of wooden blocks and logs filled with dry blackthorn bushes. Brine is pumped from the springs up to the top of saline graduation towers and distributed along their upper galleries. Brine concentrates while falling down through blackthorn bushes. During this process a large amount of iodine is produced, air is saturated with microelements of proved therapeutic properties. The concentrated brine is sent to salt-works from the reservoirs at the foot of graduation towers.
The presence of graduation towers, saline pool, numerous parks and green grounds as well as location of health resort in Vistula valley contributed to the creation of microclimate that is friendly for both people and nature.
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