About us

    We would like to invite you to make use of our services. We hope that you accept this invitation and meet our eminent specialists, appreciate their work and take advantage of numerous therapeutic treatments, rehabilitation programmes and wellness-based rejuvenation therapies. For over 40 years of our existence we have been acknowledged as a clinic which, with the level of services provided and a wealth of therapies and relaxation-focused activities, can satisfy even the most demanding Visitors.

    Our efforts noticed and appreciated, we were honoured with a prize in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th edition of the ‘Simply the Best’ (Po Prostu Najlepszy) contest organised by the Polish Hotel Industry Chamber. We were awarded the title of ‘Exemplary Polish Hotel Enterprise’ and Mr Wiktor Kolbowicz, CEO, won the title of ‘Manager of the Polish Hotel Industry’. Besides that, we have also gained distinctions in such contests and rankings as: ‘Europroduct’, ‘The Gazelles of Business’ (2004), ‘Fair Play Enterprise’ and ‘The Polish Symbol of Quality’. Moreover, to our delight, for many years we have been recommended by the Polish Hotel Association. Our Clinic has implemented, fulfilled formal requirements imposed by and met the conditions of the food safety procedures established in the HACCP*, which allow for the sale of products with guaranteed quality, according to the standard PN-EN ISO 9001 : 2009 and the HACCP system (as in Codex Alimentarius).

    Aiming at continuous strengthening of our foothold in the market, i.e. in the area of therapeutic treatments, hotel-related activities, food catering and business services, we have focused on the Integrated System of Quality Management, in compliance with the following standards: PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and PN-EN ISO 22000:2006.

Complying with the Food Quality and Safety Policy, we take upon ourselves the obligation to satisfy relevant standards and to continuously improve the Integrated System of Food Quality and Safety Management through: 

  • comprehensive knowledge of our Guests’ requirements and legal provisions; large intellectual potential and a complete dedication of the staff to ensure the safety of the dishes served.

The accepted Food Quality and Safety Policy sets out the aims which which will help us:


  • satisfy our Guests’ needs and expectations and predict what their needs and expectations may be through market analyses and research;  
  • raise the food quality by ongoing hazard analysis and critical control points(HACCP);   
  • maintain our readiness for taking action in case of critical situations affecting food safety; 
  • ensure that our staff is professional and competent by provision of an ongoing, scheduled system of training courses in, for example: customer service, new services, foreign languages, food safety;
  • guarantee efficient internal and external communication with regard to hazards;
  • improve the production infrastructure and technology;   
  • consider the issue of quality as a continuous process of making improvements.       
    We hereby make a statement that the system of Food Safety Management implemented in John Paul II Clinic and Health Spa ‘Pod Tężniami’ in Ciechocinek is in compliance with the seven HACCP principles as stipulated in the Codex  Alimentarius. 
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