Treatment profiles

1. Rheumatology disorders, post-traumatic and orthopaedic disorders

  •     rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis;
  •     ankylosing spondylitis;
  •     osteoarthritis;
  •     spinal disc herniation;
  •     osteoporosis;
  •     gout;
  •     post-traumatic conditions and post-surgery orthopaedic articular and osteal disorders;
  •     pathological curvature of the spine.

2. Circulatory system disorders:

  •     stable ischaemic heart disease;
  •     conditions following cardiac infarction;
  •     conditions following surgery on valves and blood vessels;
  •     arterial hypertension.

3. Respiratory system disorders:

  •     chronic upper respiratory congestion;
  •     chronic bronchitis;
  •     Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease;
  •     conditions following respiratory system inflammations.

4. Nervous system disorders:

  •     sciatica and brachial plexus;
  •     neuralgias and chronic plexus neuropathies;
  •     conditions following stroke;
  •     conditions following neurosurgery;
  •     multiple sclerosis;
  •     Parkinson’s disease;
  •     migraines;
  •     organ neuroses.

5. Endocrine system disorders and metabolic disorders:

  •     controlled diabetes  type I and II;
  •     simple obesity and obesity associated with circulatory system disorders, locomotor disorders and lipid metabolism disorders;
  •     hypothyroidism and uninodular growth of the goitre (inactive).

6. Dermal disorders:

  •     psoriasis;
  •     albinism;
  •     hyperkeratosis;
  •     venous insufficiencies.

7. Other disorders and diseases:

  •     post-mastectomy physical rehabilitation.


Contraindications for balneological treatment:

  •     acute and chronic contagious diseases;
  •     full-blown circulatory and respiratory insufficiency;
  •     severe hemorrhagic diathesis;
  •     psychical disorders, serious mental deficiency;
  •     infirmity, complete physical self-service disability;
  •     severe urine incontinence;
  •     alcoholism and drug addiction;
  •     epilepsy with frequent bouts;
  •     active malignancy;
  •     conditions occurring during surgical or preventive treatment of:

        - kidney tumour, malignant melanoma, leukaemia, and Hodgkin's lymphoma, if the treatment finished within the last five years
    - other tumours, if the treatment finished within the last twelve months

  •     acute cardiac inflammations and insufficiencies;
  •     severe heart arrhythmia, including sudden atrial fibrillation with cardiac changes within the last six months;
  •     arterial hypertension of 3rd degree with two or more risk factors.
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