Center for Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Center of Orthopedic Manual Therapy

I would like to encourage you to use manual therapy treatments in our Orthopedic Manual Therapy Center. Professor F. Kaltenborn. I am honored to lead a team of therapists who are distinguished by very good techniques of examination and manual treatment and by striving to improve the health of my patients as quickly as possible. During joint training, we try to constantly improve our skills in order to effectively eliminate pain from a sick spine, from excessively contracted muscles and from degenerated joints of the arms or legs.

If you feel pain in the area of ​​the spine, headaches and joint pains in the upper or lower limbs while lying down, sitting, standing or walking and these symptoms do not disappear despite the treatment so far, we suggest a thorough examination of the cause of these ailments.

With the help of special tests, we are able to determine whether the sources of pain are muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, nerve roots or intervertebral discs (so-called discs). If we find tissue that has been damaged, we analyze the cause of the damage.

Often the cause of back pain is in a completely different part of the body.

A painless contracture in the hip joint, completely imperceptible to a lay person, may cause narrowing of the intervertebral openings in the lower part of the spine while walking and thus contribute to inflammation of the nerve roots (sciatica - pain in the buttock or the entire leg while walking).

A blockage in the wrong position of the sacroiliac joint adjacent to the lumbar spine (without pain symptoms in this joint, of course) can cause excessive rotation of the lower vertebrae when walking. The spine is the least resistant to torsional forces, therefore excessive movements of these vertebrae will slowly destroy the discs placed between them. The damaged discs bulge more into the intervertebral foramen or into the spinal canal, mechanically irritating the nerve roots located there, causing their inflammation and pain to the entire leg.

Painless stiffening of the thoracic spine may cause excessive deflection of the cervical and lumbar vertebrae. Excessive movement of these vertebrae slowly contributes to the destruction of the discs, which will eventually cause inflammation of the nerve roots (brachialgia, sciatica).

The cause of back pain is often in a place that does not hurt, but is not moving properly. This lack of exercise is imperceptible for patients.

But since there is no movement somewhere, this painless contracture (most often joint blockage or muscle contracture) causes the area where the damaged tissue is to be overstretched - and it hurts more and more.

Until the blocked joint is activated or the contracted muscles are not stretched, the patient does not feel a definite improvement.

In manual treatment, we are able to manually determine the mobility between individual vertebrae with great precision, restore movement where it is missing, correct the wrong position of the pelvic bones, activate blocked joints of the spine and limbs, stretch contracted muscles and joints.

In the case of extensive damage to various tissues (muscles, joints, nerves, discs), we select appropriate exercises for each case that improve their nutrition and accelerate regeneration.

We are at your disposal.

In order to use the manual therapy treatment, the consent of the attending physician from our Spa Clinic is required, therefore this treatment must be preceded by a medical consultation.

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