Training for therapists

Training for therapists

Clinical Course 1

Term May 21 - May 24, 2020.

Instructor: Mirosław Dębski

Place: Health Resort Clinic "Pod Tężniami" im. John Paul II in Ciechocinek

During two clinical courses (no. 1 and no. 2), the participants will get to know each time a complete examination and treatment of 3 patients performed by the instructor. All examination (examination protocol) and treatment techniques (including safe manipulative techniques) are trained in time between appointments. Patients come for 3 days, so you can observe: what techniques and in what order the instructor uses during the examination, how he creates a plan of conduct on an ongoing basis, how patients' symptoms change during treatment, how the instructor checks the effectiveness of the therapy, how he teaches the patient the principles of prophylaxis and how he teaches exercises to do at home.

Course description
Clinical course with patients No. 1 - Examination and treatment of the lower spine.

Participants: physiotherapists and doctors after the examination (approx. 290 hours) in Manual Therapy Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept or Cyriax Concept, Maitland Concept (qualification after verification of the training program).


The main aim of the course is to improve the effectiveness of the manual therapist's work.
To be effective, the subject must first master the execution of examination and treatment techniques, including clinical inference. This process takes place during the Manual Therapy Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept® training courses. If the participant has mastered the techniques (passed the MT exam), he / she needs a model for dealing with the patient. The resource of techniques in the method is so vast that you can easily get lost in it.

The best way to get it right is to watch the method instructor as he is working with patients. This possibility is offered by CLINICAL COURSES. In addition to observing the instructor during the examination and treatment of 3 patients, the participants are taught more advanced examination techniques and techniques of quick activation of blocked segments (so-called manipulation). From May 2020, clinical courses will be held at the "Pod Tężnia" Health Resort in Ciechocinek.

It is possible to observe the instructor's work on a large group of patients during CLINICAL PASSIVE SUPERVISION. For 5 days, the participant observes the work of his mentor at the Orthopedic Manual Therapy Center. Prof. F. Kaltenborn at the Health Resort Clinic "Pod Tężnie" in Ciechocinek. After each day, you can practice the most difficult techniques.

The next stage of the training is the ACTIVE CLINICAL SUPERVISION. So that the participants, having already learned the pattern of conduct, can get rid of errors during the examination and treatment of their patients, they do all the techniques on the patients of the Orthopedic Manual Therapy Center under the supervision of a mentor. Prof. F. Kaltenborn at the Health Resort Clinic "Pod Tężnie" in Ciechocinek.

Price 1800 PLN gross with VAT for each Clinical Course
the price includes training materials and catering during breaks (except lunch)

From May 2020, also lunch at the restaurant of the Spa Clinic "Pod Tężniami" in Ciechocinek

Please send to the following address:

In the application, please send:

- first name and last name;

- address;

- contact phone number;

- a scan of a physiotherapist's diploma;

- scan of the last MT certificate;

- data for a VAT invoice.

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