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Biological regeneration

Center of Aesthetic Dermatology

Newly open ward of Clinic (since June 2006) offers the wide range of medical and cosmetic treatments on the basis of branch-new equipment and excellent cosmetics produced by famous PEVONIA Company.

Within cosmetic dermatology we offer the following:

  1. Dermatological consultations and removal of skin changes, skin imperfections together with histopatological examination (surgical and electro coagulation).
  2. Temporal wrinkle removal by means of Restylan and Dysport Method.
  3. Hyperhidrosis treatment by means of iontophoresis and lagging.
  4. Chemical peelings.
  5. Chemical sclerotherapy of vessels.
  6. Balneophototherapy – skin diseases treatment such as psoriasis, leucodermia and allergy with the use of UVB and UVA lamps, PUVA therapy.
  7. Laser treatments and IPL:
  • vessel reduction on face and legs.
  • fighting pigment changes on face, palms and the whole body
  • removal of clefts, scars, and acne traces
  • photo rejuvenation of face, neck and cleavage by means of the change of skin structure, increasing elasticity and density
  • permanent hair reduction of the whole body

8. Microdermabrasion – the most effective procedure for flaking epidermis, which is used with the aim of correction of skin imperfections.It gives the effect of visible lightning, corrects small wrinkles.10. Effective fight with cellulite with the most modern medical device made by TRI-ACTIVE. The unique method of combating “orange skin”. Three possibilities in one treatment:

  • massage with hypotonia
  • deep laser stimulation
  • low temperature that corrects swelling

9.  VIP–line has unique functions speeding up the process of slimming. It is the kind of electric fitness where every 25 minutes of the treatment equals a few hours of weight training in the gym. Muscles stimulated by VIP take in energy form the surrounding fatty tissues, and burn sugar and fat.

10.  Comprehensive feet and palms nurturing (removal of corns and ingrowing nails, hyperpigmentation, improvement of blood circulation by means of manual and hydro massage. We also recommend the whole range of cosmetic procedures such as manicure and pedicure (French one as well), fingernail re-painting, extending, replenishing and decorating. We use peat and lightning up procedures on palms and procedures with the elements of massage on feet.

11. Face cosmetic treatments with the use of luxurious cosmetics produced by PEVONIA Company. Depending on the kind of skin that is
determined by beautician or dermatologist we use the following nurturing cosmetic procedures and treatments:

  • Face + neck + cleavage massage
  • Daily and occasional make-up
  • Eyebrow and eyelash tint
  • Eyebrow ridge shape
  • Face cleansing treatment
  • Back cleansing treatment
  • Basic treatment for dry skin
  • Basic treatment for sensitive skin
  • Basic treatment for combination skin
  • Deep moisturising treatment with an ampoule
  • Soothing treatment with a propolis ampoule
  • Regenerative treatment with an ampoule (elastin, collagen, DNA)
  • Propolis-algae treatment “Plantomer”
  • Anti free-radical treatment
  • “Shining skin” treatment
  • “Magic of rose” treatment
  • Firming treatment with elastin
  • Oxygenating treatment “Life-giving oxygen”
  • „Myoxy Caviar”
  • Exclusive treatment for men
  • “Youthful mouth” treatment
  • Relaxing treatment for eyes
  • Firming treatment for neck and cleavage

12.  Body treatments

  • Firming peeling for body
  • Aroma therapeutic peeling for body with the elements of massage
  • Detoxicating treatment of wrapping the body with micronized algae
  • Wrapping up the body with green coffee
  • Body treatment – “Fire of desert”
  • Moroccan cocoon
  • Chocolate treatment for body
  • Guam treatment
  • Hot stones
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